The Speech Sound Set Alphabet Cards


Let's make sure ALL kids are READY for literacy by the time they start school!

Before you introduce a sound (and letter) please read the info below that corresponds to the sound in focus.  You also receive three downloadable activities for each  (except x, and qu). 

Note:  You will need the log in and password within your box of cards to access the bonus materials.  Can't find it?  Please email us!

Don't have the card set?

If you don't yet own the card set, you can buy one  via the button below. Not only will it allow you access to the BONUS MATERIALS, proceeds go to developing and distributing our Alphabet Card Set - Africa Version . These card setswill be made available free to a number ofpreschools and services in Eswatini (Southern Africa) and Johannesburg, South Africa (See the African Version below). 

Interested in our app?  (iPad only).

If you wish to access even MORE activities and you have an iPad, you may wish to purchase our app, Speech Sounds for Kids.  It explores 22 consonant sounds, compares them, helps children learn about words that start with each sound... It's pretty wonderful!  You can check it out here. 

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