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 Australian-made resources for speech, language and literacy.

Pelican Talk is an official sponsor of Autism Eswatini.  Autism Eswatini is a not-for-profit organisation based in the small southern African nation of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). Autism Eswatini does an amazing job raising awareness around autism, advocating for children and their families and strengthening support systems within the country. I have witnessed firsthand the fabulous and much-needed work they do. Many of those involved work as volunteers and funds are desperately needed. I encourage you, too, to make a contribution, however small. 100% of the donations made below are forwarded to Autism Eswatini on a quarterly basis. Please note that being a foreign charity, donations are NOT tax deductible for Australians.

The Speech Sound Set is a unique and hugely versatile sound-based resource package. It comes in several versions from a starter set to a complete set!  Being Australian-made, many teachers andclinicians find the vowel sections particularly useful. 

Social Sam includes 41 illustrated stories that target social understanding and social behaviour.  View on a device or print as little books.  Kids really love reflecting on Sam's social life! Also included are lots of other materials to support learning.

Alien Talk is a brilliant language resource that contains a HUGE amount of digital resources that are great for online learning.  Targets expressive language and understanding including vocabulary, grammar and even spelling!