The Speech Sound Set Alphabet Cards and bonus online activities. $77

This card set comes with loads of bonus online activities and tips for building awareness of SOUNDS. 

Yes, children develop awareness of letters and letter names using these cards but the focus is on the SOUNDS that these letters most commonly make. 

After all, reading and writing is all about awareness of SOUNDS, how sounds relate to WORDS and how sounds are represented by LETTERS. 

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The Speech Sound Set Alphabet cards are set of sturdy colourful cards, all printed on card recycled from post-consumer waste.

The cards are half the size of a regular A4 sheet of paper. Included in your box is a card for depicting every letter of the alphabet along with a character (a Sound Buddy) whose mouth shows you how to make the sound. On the back is a story about the Sound Buddy along with some words beginning with the sound. Also contained in the set are the letters SH, CH and TH and Sound Buddies to match. 

This card set is targeted at preschool children. The aim is to familiarise children with letters and sounds by getting to know the fun tribe of Sound Buddies.  

Children develop: 

  • recognition of letters (lower-case print) and their names
  • the most common sound represented by each letter
  • how the sound is made in the mouth
  • words that start with that sound


You receive loads of free downloadables too.  Use your password that comes with your card set to access picture cards to print, letter tracing activities, colour-ins and find-the-letter activities. 

You also receive information about each sound, when to expect them in a child's speech development, how to nudge them along and when to refer to a speech pathologist. 

You can purchase your set here (Postage is free). 

After you've purchased your kit, enter the code provided along with your kit to access the bonus material below. 

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