Training and Professional Development

Lucia Smith from Pelican Talk runs training in a variety of topics.  She also presents training sessions previously run by Love and Reilly.

Participants in Lucia's sessions receive easy-to-follow information that can be easily put into practice. Information is based on current research. Most sessions come with loads of free resources.

An underlying theme in Lucia's training is to have participants experience what it is like to have a speech, language or literacy difficulty.  Only in truly understanding our children, can we know what will assist them in their learning.

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The Steps of Phonological Awareness and Phonics: Keeping young learners on track!

When: Friday 20th March 2020, 9:00 am - 3.30 pm 

Where:  Melbourne University, Hawthorn Campus

Who should attend:  Teachers,  speech pathologists,  tutors,  literacy coordinators

Price:  Early Bird (by Feb 28th 2020):   $220 (inc GST).       Regular (by March 12th 2020):  $250 (inc GST) 

Register online here.

Did you know?  Four major international inquiries into the teaching of reading and spelling all found 5 key elements to successful teaching. Two of these are phonological awareness and phonics.

Did you know?  The knowledge of the teacher is more important for students’ reading and writing success than any phonics or phonological awareness program you may have implemented.

Did you know?  Phonics teaching cannot work without phonological awareness.

This workshop covers:

  • What is phonological awareness (PA) and how does it develop?
  • What is phonics and how is it different to phonological awareness?
  • What are the stages in phonics teaching? 
  • Programming for PA and phonics and what resources can I use?  (We discuss phonics programs that you may be using).
  • How to detect any difficulties with your students’ learning and how to help.
  • Using SPELL SIGNS. This works in with any phonics and PA program.

What you receive: 

  • A flashdrive (USB card) full of PA and phonics goodies plus…
  • The complete SPELL SIGNS program (valued at $55)
  • Discounts on Love and Reilly and Pelican Talk resources
  • Morning Tea and Lunch.

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