This is our best-selling resource used in the development of social skills.  It is very popular with those working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

You can download and complete SOCIAL SAM's PRAGMATICS CHECKLIST free here.

And then, using the results of the CHECKLIST above, you can complete a child's profile using this free document. 

Social Sam contains JPEG slideshows, and printable books that systematically work through a whole lot of very important social skills. 

Each skill is explored by looking at Social Sam being successful... and at times, unsuccessful. The steps for each social act are shown, along with the verbal and non-verbal behaviours that are generally considered as appropriate. The focus is always on the social understanding that underlies each social act; the whys of social interaction.

Social Sam consists of 41 stories provided: 

1)  in PDF format, designed to be printed out, cut up and stapled together as booklets.

2) as JPEG images that can be viewed as a slideshow  - even on an iPad. 

In addition to the stories, you receive a SOCIAL GLOSSARY,  printable CUE CARDS for transfer,  CUT-OUT Sam and friend, speech balloons and thought bubbles, a PRAGMATICS CHECKLIST and a SOCIAL PROFILER. 

You can read all about Social Sam here. 

Price:  $88 (including GST) 

View in Store here.

* Social Sam is provided to you on a USB stick.  Postage is free.