Targets:  Oral language 

Population:  Middle to Upper Primary

Consists of:  A program provided on a CD-Rom (or USB card)

Available on:  CD-Rom or USB flashdrive (can be combined on flashdrive with other products at a reduced price). 

Download the Manual and Overview: Here

Price:  $33.55 (includes GST) 

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This fabulous resource is used for promoting the oral language skills of school-aged students. Originally created in 1995 by Elizabeth Love and Sue Reilly, Away with Words has remained popular for almost twenty years. In 2014, the resource was revised and re-illustrated by speech pathologist, Lucia Smith. It is appropriate to be used in the middle primary years and onwards.

The contents are provided on a CD-ROM and arranged into five language sections. Each section’s content is provided in two different formats; as printable cards in the “CARDS” folder (PDF documents) and as images in the “SLIDESHOW” folder (JPEG files).

A “GAME BOARD” is also included and can be printed and used with the cards.

If you do not have a CD drive on your computer, you can choose the USB flashdrive option at checkout.