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Pelican Talk Speech Therapy Resources is all about speech, language and literacy!
Are you concerned your child has a speech delay?
 Do you wish to know more about 'dyslexia'?  Would you like to promote phonemic awareness in your classroom?
Do you need some great language promotion resources? 
Do you need some resources to work on social skills? 
We can help!  You'll find free articles, tipsheets, training opportunities and products to purchase...  
or if you need resources now, check the resources in our store available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD. 

The Speech Sound Set is a unique and hugely versatile sound-based resource package. It comes in several versions - from one that targets speech to one that targets literacy.  Being Australian-made, many clinicians find the vowel sections particularly useful. 

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The Singing Alphabet is now available as an immediate download  - or on a USB stick posted to you free of charge. It's a great way to introduce youngsters to letters and sounds. Popular in preschools! 

Speech Sounds for Kids (above) is our super dooper app. It's a must for speech pathologists working in phonology.  It targets consonant sound awareness and production.

LOADS OF LISTENING TASKS and LOADS OF PRODUCTION TASKS all using The Speech Sound Set characters. 

It's available only in the iTunes App store. 
A child in Marparu uses WORD BIRD.

A child in Aputula, NT holding Word Bird, part of the classroom vocab-building. Word Bird is a fun concept to build vocabularies. You can purchase the puppet here or simply use the ideas here. program.

Alien Talk is one of Pelican Talk's most popular sentence-building programs. It systematically works through building blocks of a sentence. Great for building both expressive and receptive language skills.