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Check out our best sellers below. 

The Speech Sound Set is a unique and hugely versatile sound-based resource package. It comes in several versions from a starter set to a complete set!  Being Australian-made, many teachers and clinicians find the vowel sections particularly useful (because how we pronounce vowels if often affected by regional accents!) All the characters in the set have mouths that model how to make the sound! 

Social Sam includes 41 illustrated stories that target social understanding and social behaviour.  View on a device or print as little books.  Kids really love reflecting on Sam's social life! Also included are lots of other materials to support learning.

Alien Talk is a brilliant language resource that contains a HUGE amount of digital resources that are great for online learning.  Targets expressive language and understanding including vocabulary, grammar and even spelling! 


We've  just launched our Speech Sound Set Alphabet card set for preschoolers! These cards have a focus on the alphabet and the mouthshapes of the corresponding sounds.  On the back is a story about each character and wordlists that focus on first sounds in words. LET'S GET OUR KIDS FAMILIAR WITH SOUNDS - NOT JUST LETTER NAMES!   

*And it's not just a pack of cards!  You receive tons of online  bonus resources when you purchase a pack!  You can check the cards out here.

 Kids love our Coco Koala Emotions cards!  24 double-sided cards and come with a licence to access  teaching tips and downloadable activities

See here for more details.

Puppets for Learning

Need to buy some puppets for teaching or intervention purposes (like our Geraldine monster puppet below)?  

We sell puppets too!  Check out our puppet website here. 

Want to know more about our  Puppetry Workshops? There are a number of tricks when it comes to using puppets as a teaching or intervention tool - and we're over all of them. 

We love running the very popular "Using Puppets for Social And Emotional Learning" face-to-face and via Zoom. 

We also run workshops "custom-made" to suit the needs of speech pathologists and other therapists.  We can come to your centre - or we can organise training via Zoom.  Simply contact me to make a plan . 

Pelican Talk is an official sponsor of Autism Eswatini.  Autism Eswatini is a not-for-profit organisation based in the small southern African nation of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland).


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