Terry's Language Pack

Terry's Language Pack is a NEW language resource for children in their first and second year of schooling. 

It replaces Love and Reilly's old favourite,  Paddy's Language Pack (Paddy has been around for many years in schools, but has had to retire.  I think he's currently on a cruise somewhere in the Mediterranean...). 

Terry's Language Pack is designed using a similar format to Paddy's Language Pack.

It comes with the cutest teddy bear puppet and a USB flashdrive crammed full of language tasks and photos to view and/or print. 

The language tasks in Terry's Language Pack are written to target the learning goals of the Language and Literacy strands of the Foundation and Year One levels of the current Australian Curriculum. 

Targets: Language

Population:  Children mainly in the first two years of schooling

Used in: Whole class programming but also brilliant for individual language sessions

Price: There are three options. See below.

Puppet and Flashdrive:   $68 (inc GST)           

Flashdrive only (no puppet):  $45 (inc GST) 

Puppet - with teeth and tongue so it can also be used with the Arnie sound-based program, and the Arnie Articulation programming included on the Flashdrive:  $88.90 (inc GST)  MORE DETAILS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

Buy now in the online store. 

The flashdrive contains: 

* 20 photos to view or print

*a manual that steps you through using the program

*60 pages of language tasks

*cards to print

* a letter to print and send home to caregivers (for those who choose to send Terry home as part of classroom programming)

The USB is enviro-friendly - its casing is made from recycled paper.  We encourage users to view photos on a digital device such as a laptop, tablet or interactive whiteboard.  Reduce printing!

For each of the 20 photos there are 20 language tasks that promote a range of language skills.

Tasks include:    * Generating a title     *Defining words     *Phonological awareness tasks    *Thinking and talking about feelings   *Expressing personal opinions    *Drawing and labeling parts     *Role-playing   *Social communication    *Sequencing   *Comparing and contrasting    *Creating a story from a given "story-starter"   *Generating questions   *Using complex and compound sentences     *Giving reasons    *Brainstorming    *Listing items in given categories     *Describing      *Predicting    *Explaining position of named items


Terry teddy is the same puppet used in the Arnie the Articulation teddy program - only Arnie has teeth and a tongue. Speech pathologists wishing to combine the purchase of Arnie and Terry can do so. One puppet with teeth and a tongue is supplied along with all of the articulation/sound-based activities from the Arnie program included on a USB flashdrive with all of the Terry language tasks.  The price for this is $88.90 (incl GST). 

 A gallery of Terry photos will be included on this page below. Please send in your photos of Terry !

The first one is of him at a tropical retreat...