Targets:  WORD STUDY:  Phonological Awareness -  Phoneme Segmenting and Blending, Phonics, Orthographic Knowledge

Population:  General programming in Foundation and Year 3 (Early Primary)  - and a MUST for Remedial Literacy Programming

There are Two Options:

THE PACK (USB, Circle Strip, Sound Stones, 7 page How to Use document, Whiteboard Marker) or 

THE DOWNLOADABLE VERSION (All of the program as a downloadable - $22 off and no postage charges). 

Download the Manual and Overview: Here 

Price:  $55 (includes GST) for the pack       $33 (includes GST) for the downloadable - available immediately after payment

View in Store: HERE

This resource is extremely popular because it REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE to students' reading and spelling. Following requests, it has been updated and made BIGGER!  Consonant and vowel digraphs are now introduced systematically over 6 subunits.  Where Sound Segmenter 2 only had four units,  this one has Units 2 and 4 divided into a further 6 units.  Check out the overview above to see exactly what you get.