Targets:  Oral language  - expression and understanding of concepts

Population:  Preschool to early primary

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Barrier games are known to be one of the most valuable tools in a speech pathologist's toolbag.  Some barrier games, however, have too many variables and do not foster specific and succinct communication.  

 My First Barrier Games  provides simple pictures that are non-ambiguous. Each picture targets a specific concept - either a preposition (under, in, on) or an adjective (long, short, big, little). Children are assisted in using these words in a carefully graded manner – first there are only two variables and later there are more and more. This is all explained later in the manual. 

The following concepts are explored: 

big-little   long-short   dirty-clean   happy-sad   on-under   in-next to   top-bottom   top- middle - bottom   in front of-behind   square-round   front-back   half-whole   mixed prepositions

  • Activities can be carefully graded to suit the abilities and needs of the child.
  • Two-part instructions can be built up to four-part when the child is able. 

You receive:

20 pages of instructions

Four picture pairs per concept (52 picture pairs) 

Cue cards to print

Suggested uses and record sheets.