MotorMouth  $85 

This resource targets oral awareness, often a vital precursor to articulation, feeding and oro-motor therapy. 

You receive video clips, printable flashcards, slideshows and instructions all on a USB flashdrive.  Download an overview here. 

NOW WITH BONUS EXTRAS -  MEALTIME PIX.  These pictures are used in feeding therapy. You receive pictures of characters biting, sucking, licking, swallowing, blowing on food, sniffing food. 

FROG FACE shows you how to move your tongue sideways, up and down to catch flies.  TARGET: Tongue protrusion and direction (lateralization, elevation, depression.)  GREAT FOR TONGUE-TIE!

MIKE THE MOUTH likes to exercise his mouth in all sorts of ways. He shows you a mouth workout that includes 16 different mouth actions. TARGET: Tongue, jaw, lips.

LIZZY LIZARD is very cute and kids love her. Her actions are simple and repetitive – oo, ee, oo , ee. After every “oo – ee”, her eyelashes change colour. She ends up with rainbow eyelashes and a big smile. TARGET: Lip retraction and rounding.

DANNY THE DOG is a very messy dog. After sticking his face full into the dog food bowl, he must lick all around his lips to get the dog food off. TARGET: Tongue range and direction (elevation, lateralization, depression).  GREAT FOR TONGUE-TIE!

CRAZY COW says what all cows say… “mmm” then “ooo”. As she makes each sound the grass grows and grows until finally she gets to eat it … Yum! TARGET: Lip closure and rounding.   GREAT FOR OPEN MOUTH RESTING POSTURE. 

PUFFER FISH puffs out her cheeks and holds them puffed for as long as she can… Fish swim by. One, two , three… Can you puff your cheeks as three fish swim by? TARGET: Lip closure.

BABY BEAN opens her mouth and says “ah” as the spoon is presented. She then says “mmm” as she tastes the food. She then asks “mmm….ore?” Repeats twice. TARGET: Lip closure and jaw dropping.  

GULPING GARY tips his head back and raises the back of his tongue saying “g…g…g”. He drinks lots of different drinks and practices this sound. TARGET: Back tongue elevation for /g/ and /k/ articulation.  GREAT FOR STIMULATION THE /G/ SOUND. 


Dinosaur  (below) puts the food to the back of his mouth and then swallows. Piggy smells her food.  Licking Lizard licks it up and down.  Sucking Fishy sucks drink up a straw.  Bunny bites off the top of a carrot with her front teeth.  Polar Bear blows on his food to cool it down. 

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